Data Backup and Disaster Recovery are very different processes.

Backups must be tested inside a Recovery Plan to help guarantee a timely restoration from an IT outage.

Well-designed data backup systems automate data storage – no matter what form the data may take – and do so on a schedule determined by your system administrator. A smart and sleek user interface typically leverages APIs to connect to the underlying network infrastructure. Blue Axis Technologies creates applications to help your administrators identify issues before they become problems. Custom designed software can also present a complete review of the entire system without having to drill down through every process or stored backup to check for data integrity. Users with less experience managing backups and recovery can utilize the application with little training, freeing IT managers and administrators to focus on more operational tasks.

Security and Scalability within the backup and recovery plan is evaluated as part of your business growth plan. Data from additional sources or new processes within your organization will require your backup solution to be flexible and dynamic. Blue Axis Technologies applications make this additional information easy to incorporate into the previously defined backup routines. Encryption of data during transmission, and encrypted data storage help alleviate security concerns by removing the readability of data from unauthorized personnel.

Archiving of data for compliance or other internal business needs can be included in the backup process and initiated through defined time or volume triggers. Removal of old backup data and other management tasks are also automated. Any additional storage space is allocated for growing backups through automated provisioning of storage resources inside the network.

Data recovery should be as automated as the backup process. Data recovery requires its own plan and executable processes in the case of an outage, an accidental deletion, or any other known or unknown event that could trigger the loss of data in your enterprise. A well-executed recovery process will result in a quick and transparent restoration of data in the event of a disaster.

Intelligent Backup and Recovery systems simplify and automate complex procedures to deliver comprehensive backup, archiving and disaster recovery solutions. Blue Axis Technology’s software and network expertise help ensure data integrity and a simple recovery process in the event of an IT outage.

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