Executive Team

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    Derrick Betts

    Co-Founder & CEO

    About Derrick Betts

    Derrick Betts serves as the CEO of Blue Axis Technologies where he is leading the effort to increase the company’s focus on market and brand awareness. In order to reach more clients and increase sales velocity, Mr. Betts is working to develop and integrate the tools and services necessary to reach the company’s goals.

    Derrick Betts also leads the IT Architecture, Software Development, and Sales and Marketing departments. Prior to his service as CEO, Mr. Betts co-founded Blue Axis and served as Business Technology Director helping the company to reach new business channels, acquire new clients, and design the network and software application infrastructure within the company to allow for efficient and cost effective operations.

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    Ryan Betts

    Sr. Network & Security Architect

    About Ryan Betts

    Ryan Betts serves as the Senior Network and Security Architect for Blue Axis Technologies where he is responsible for the Architecture, Design, and Implementation of client Network Infrastructure.

    Ryan ensures that client’s requirements are being met in the most cost effective manner using the most compliant methods, and works to help unravel whether a simple firmware update is required or a more robust execution strategy is needed to meet the client’s needs.

    Ryan’s Network and Security team is usually able to build an entire network system through remote access technologies which dramatically reduces implementation costs passed onto the client.

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    Jason Ho-Ching

    Creative Director

    About Jason Ho-Ching

    Jason Ho-Ching is the Creative Director of Blue Axis Technologies’ corporate design department. He is responsible for the development of graphic design, advertising, media communications, and industrial design publications for Blue Axis Tech’s portfolio of clients.

    He acts as a mediator between the copywriters and designers and by working with and understanding both disciplines he is able to deliver dynamic and relevant client compositions.

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