Process Enhancement


  • Save Overhead

    If you have an existing technology process you’d like to improve, Blue Axis engages with you to carefully investigate your existing fulfillment cycle. We either review the areas you specifically define, or we evaluate the entire process from beginning to end. We start by asking where you may see room for improvement based on your experience and then continue to look for anything we can find which could be further automated or enhanced. Blue Axis works to electronically streamline as many of the business process functions as possible, allowing more transactions to pass through the system with reduced overhead costs.

    We evaluate the best programming framework and information systems, including database or storage mechanisms, the programming language, the interdependence of application frameworks, and different Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to use across disparate systems. As your business grows, we help you with application integration and customization, legacy application migration and enhancement, and can even come into an existing application development cycle and salvage a project that’s failing to meet its requirements (Project Rescue).

    Blue Axis also offers Application Support and Continuous Improvement services if you are looking for a partner to manage the ongoing details of your Information Technology needs.