Get rapid access to flexible and low cost IT resources.

Eliminate up-front expenditures, increase your IT Department’s agility, and go global in minutes.
Server virtualization using a cloud-based architecture allows your enterprise to both consolidate and fully utilize your network infrastructure. You can scale rapidly by provisioning new resources, services, and applications in minutes. You also decrease hardware costs by leveraging a software application layer on top of the network that allocates resources as needed, removing the old-school requirement of housing underutilized servers and infrastructure. Power consumption is reduced, physical space requirements are minimized, and administration capacity is enhanced.

Blue Axis Technologies helps deliver smart and automated systems that provide your operation with a self-service method of provisioning network resources. With the click of a button in a simple and easy to use interface, your IT professionals can setup up the machine instances they need to develop, test, and implement your company’s new products and services. Data warehousing is also simplified with resource allocation for automated backup, archiving and recovery.

A properly built software application layer within the network automates your systems and allows them to self-heal, auto-scale, and meticulously secure the network without human intervention. IT Administrators can proactively focus their time on innovation and increasing value to the enterprise.

Simplify your IT infrastructure